Working with many major public sector departments and commercial companies, Amaryllis Environmental Services was established to provide a dedicated resource for renovating, repurposing and recycling office and contract furniture and equipment.

In the early 2000s, Amaryllis’ approach was truly innovative and since that time the Company has strived to introduce further enhancements to maintain its market leading position. Most importantly, Amaryllis has ensured that all activities are audited and subject to scrutiny by client organisations and accreditation bodies.

We aim to provide a full range of solutions – from simple ‘collect and recycle’ through to company-wide reuse and recycling programmes. We are proud of our achievements – particularly as they have been applauded through national awards.

Our goal is zero landfill. Unlike some companies, we do not simply pass the problem on to others. We assess the reuse potential for all redundant and surplus furniture and equipment. Any item which is Beyond Economic Use is subject to our ‘demanufacturing’ process.

Products are demanufactured – or broken down – into component parts. Reusable items – such as castors – are retained for use as part of our onsite repair service with the remainder separated into waste streams for recycling.
Our R&D team are tasked to constantly develop new recycling and repurposing solutions. For example, we have now gained technical approval for the use of MFC board from old furniture to be used for the manufacture building products, such as loft panels.

In 2011, we acquired our own licensed Waste Transfer Station allowing the introduction of improved processing efficiencies.

A powerful demonstration of the success of our innovations and efficiency improvements is the fact that we have reduced the cost of environmental disposal to below the cost of landfill.

There’s NO debate now between the Environmental Officer and Finance Department – it’s greener and less expensive.