Amaryllis Environmental Services is a full service recycling, renovation, reuse and disposal operation specialising in office furniture, equipment and general waste.

Since early 2000s, Amaryllis has led the field in developing innovative reuse and recycling solutions for public sector organisations and commercial companies. This early success resulted in the formation of a specialist operation in 2005, Amaryllis Environmental Services.
Scope of Services
Office Furniture and Equipment Renovation
Office Furniture Remanufacture and Repurposing
Office Furniture Recycling and Environmental Disposal
Electrical Goods Recycling and Disposal (WEEE Directive)
Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling
Document Shredding
Data Destruction
Computer & IT Equipment Recycling
PCB Storage & Disposal
Product Recovery & Disposal
Waste Management and Transportation
Other specialised recycling needs
Recycling Guarantee
Amaryllis Environmental Services provides your business with a fully certified environmental recycling or disposal service which guarantees minimal landfill – typically less than 2%
Carbon Offset
Amaryllis Environmental Services offers an innovative incentive to encourage reuse and recycling. All customers receive Carbon Credits which can be used to offset carbon emissions and part of a tree planting programme.